I guide my clients through difficult life transitions and help them

find the hope and possibility

that is waiting for them on the other side.

I guide my clients through difficult life transitions and help them

find the hope and possibility

that is waiting for them on the other side.


If you have recently experienced a big event in your life that has shifted how you see your world and your role in it, then I’m really glad we are meeting like this.

What you are going through can be incredibly intimidating and also very powerful. Especially if you’ve never been through anything like this before, it can help to have someone who has been there to help you understand what you are experiencing.

That's what I do!

If you are ready to embrace the changes that are calling for you, I am here to help you find your way.


Have you experienced

a significant loss that has you seeing the world and yourself differently?

If so, then I wrote this guide for you.

Download it now and take your first steps towards healing and the transformation that is waiting for you.

Your journey to healing and transformation begins today. Download your guide.

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Work with Lynn

Transformational Coaching

If you feel big changes happening in your life, or if you want to make them happen but aren’t sure where to start, I can help you process what is happening so that you make decisions about your future that you can feel excited about. I’m here to help you find your way through.

Rising Up Out of the Storm

Coming soon!

This course will be medicine to your soul. Walk step by step through an intentional process that will bring clarity to what your life is asking you to do now. Develop the courage, strength, and energy you will need to rebuild your new life.


Lynn’s compassion and ability to mentally put herself in someone else’s position brings forth a space for opportunity in opening up, knowing there is no judgement taking place. 

Whether it be relationship or business advice, Lynn has been my go-to person for vulnerable conversations. She has a sense for knowing when to push me during transitions in life, with the delicate balance of true empathy for what I’ve gone through. Lynn has a true gift in guiding others.

Kim Pollock

Lynn has a natural gift for helping women navigate difficult situations. When I felt completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next or wanted to shut down, she was so good at helping me identify my best next step and gave me the inspiration to take it. These small steps helped me take small but important steps that led me to achieving the big goals that I truly wanted for myself.

Lynn helps women believe in themselves so that they can achieve the incredible things that they dream about but don’t necessarily believe that they can do. She believes for them until they learn that they can believe in themselves. She is a boss at motivating, inspiring, and nudging others to pursue their dreams.

Marjorie Amaya

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lynn Carpenter for over 6 years. I have valued her life experiences, knowledge, and expertise in many areas of life. She has a passion for helping others find their true meaning and potential. Lynn has a way of listening and communicating that puts you at ease, makes you feel open, and brings out the best inside of you. She has a pure and honest way of making you feel comfortable and provides incredible support, so you see a deeper understanding of yourself, and of others. 

Lynn is simply a joy!

Jennifer August

Lynn has been a positive influence and inspiration to me. She has an amazing ability to make every single person feel welcome, included, and important. She is an incredible light who gives generously and is amazingly supportive. I have learned so much from her and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to do so.

Melissa Ulrich

Before I started working with Lynn, I was feeling stuck, lost, confused, and defeated. After 15 years in sales, I knew I needed a change, but I didn’t know what that might look like or how to get started. That’s when I turned to Lynn.

Lynn helped me to identify areas of my life that were screaming for my attention.

Then she helped me develop an action plan that was easy to implement immediately. 

She continued to guide me, which kept me focused on my goals and moving forward. 

Thanks to Lynn’s guidance and support, I quickly became unstuck! I felt motivated to reach for the life that was calling me. In just two short months, I stepped away from sales  and opened my own business. Today I feel inspired and excited about this next chapter in my life.

Alicia Cooks