2024 Goals- Revisit, Reconnect, & Reengage. Lynn Morgan Carpenter

2024 Goals- Revisit, Reconnect, & Reengage

Life happens. Every day. Some days more life happens than others. After the holidays and the New Year, it seems like we easily slide back into our regular day-to-day life. Often that means leaving our new year goals, power words, and changes by the wayside. 

Lynn shares in her video that it’s not too late to revisit and recommit to the meaningful changes you wanted for yourself. This takes skill and commitment.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. It is not too late to reengage with your meaningful goals and changes 
  2. A powerful question you can ask yourself to get back on track

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Everyday life is back in full swing after the holidays and some people find their changes daunting and choose to give them up.
  • What you can ask yourself to get reconnected with your meaningful changes
  • It is not too late to call your vision back in and make steps toward it

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Reengage and reconnect to the positive enhancements, meaningful change, and the goals that are speaking to you, that you want to experience in this year.

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:Reconnect and connect to the vision of your life and the areas that you want to create that meaningful change.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Take a moment to envision yourself in the future, specifically 334 days from today. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine the person you want to become and the life you want to lead. 

How do you want to feel in that moment? What emotions do you want to be experiencing? 

Write down your thoughts and emotions. Let this vision guide you as you reconnect with your goals or decide to create some shifts.

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Hope you connected with something in this video!

Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. Through Lynn’s Intuitive Medium Readings, you’ll gain a greater sense of clarity, direction, and hope for your future. 

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: Well, here we are at the end of January and what's extremely common is at this time, the thoughts, the resolutions, the goals that we entered into this new year, into this new month of January with quite possibly has faded. And that happens because, you know, we get pushed back into our day-to-day life. We get pushed back into the reality of our responsibilities and our obligations. And we can then start to feel like, ah, to create this meaningful change in my life, or to go for this meaningful goal that just feels big, it feels daunting and I'm overtaken in my life. But I'm here to remind you, reengage, reconnect, because you can do this. And it's important. It's important. And know that until you are able to develop the skill to stay connected to what it is that you're wanting to create, the shift, the change, the enhancement, the goals you're wanting to achieve, because it is a skill to stay connected to that and to have the forward movement towards that. So if this has happened for you, you are not alone. This is a large portion of the population. It's a skill to be developed. And I wanna support you right here, right now to reengage and to connect to it. And how you can is to ask yourself this question. So as you are looking, because we're still fresh in the new year, guys, it's the end of January, but it's still a fresh year. And as you're looking into 2024, ask yourself, how do I want to feel and what do I want to be true about my life in 12 months? And you can take that even another step and shift that and I, I heard this from my mentor Jay Shetty, how do you want to feel? And what do you want to be true about your life in 365 days from now? This is a beautiful way to snap you back in that if your responsibilities has taken you back into the abyss of your life, that you can reengage, reconnect to the positive enhancements, meaningful change the goals that are speaking to you, that are calling to you, that you want to experience in this year. And that is absolutely possible. It is absolutely possible. And if you need support, get support. But make sure and commit that 2024 is gonna be a beautiful year for you. And one of the ways to do that is also reconnect and commit to your vision. Reconnect and connect to the vision of your life and the areas that you want to create that meaningful change. Have that enhancements and walk towards it. This week, this is the theme, this is the topic, and this is what I'm gonna be supporting you with so that you can continue on this path of making 2024 the year that you desire it to be.

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