5 Ways You Can Nurture, Rejuvenate, and Balance Your Energy. Lynn Morgan Carpenter

5 Ways You Can Nurture, Rejuvenate, and Balance Your Energy

Lynn’s been talking about love, self-love, and balancing your energy. This week she shares how to move yourself into a higher vibrational state with personal energetic self-care tips. This is for you to rebalance, refocus, and rejuvenate your energy centers, and the energy that flows within you.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Your energy affects every aspect of your life
  2. How an Intuitive Medium Reading can support you energetically

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Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • How Lynn’s client’s feel after an Intuitive Medium Reading
  • The importance of energetic self-care in all areas of life

Lynn’s 5 Ways You Can Nurture, Rejuvenate, and Balance Your Energy:

Lynn wants to support you to think of yourself as an energetic being with an energy that requires tending and nurturing.

Here are 5 ways to nurture, rejuvenate, and balance your energy to bring internal calmness, harmony, and overall just feel lighter and brighter.

The first three are super easy and you can literally put them to use TODAY as a little Valentine’s Day gift to yourself. 

The last two can take a bit more time and support because they’re a process to adopt as a way of living but the benefits are worth it and will continuously serve you in a positive way. 

Let’s go ahead and dive in!💞

  1. Salt bath. Energetically salt is thought to cleanse the body, restore energy flow, and provide a sense of overall well-being. The next time you’re feeling agitated, low in energy, or disconnected, balance your energy with a salt bath. If you’re not a bath person, use a sea salt scrub in the shower, it works just as well.
  2. Say YES! What are you a yes to? Lynn’s a yes to love. A yes to feeling good. She’s a yes to having high vibration. Lynn’s a yes to being her own best friend. A yes to feeling peace. She’s a yes to healthy relationships. This is something she’s used for years that works really well to quickly elevate low-vibe energy and gives a boost of energetic self-love. The next time you’re feeling internal stress and disease, comfort yourself by stating all the things you’re a yes for out loud or quietly inside.
  3. 5-Minute Gratitude. Hold yourself in a state of gratitude for 5-minutes. One of the quickest ways to nurture your energy and shift to a higher vibrational state is with gratitude. Fill in the blanks to these statements. I am grateful for _______. Thank you to the universe and the powers that be for sending me _______.
  4. Is this mine or is it theirs? One way your energy can become drained is when you find yourself immersed in someone else’s challenge, situation, or problem. Sometimes, without even being asked, we energetically insert ourselves into someone’s situation by thinking about it, overanalyzing it, and feeling responsible for creating solutions in our minds. This can be a huge drain on your energy. A good way to help prevent you from stepping into something that isn’t yours to be responsible for is to ask, is this mine or is this theirs? If the answer is theirs, then you have the choice to energetically release the situation so you can regain focus on your own life and nurture your energy.
  5. Release resistance and embrace acceptance. When we can release the resistance of accepting what is, it allows for energy to move through our body swiftly and not become stuck. Lynn will be the first to admit… this is a practice. It can take time to have total acceptance of the moment without trying to alter, change, or make it into something that feels more comfortable to you - which can suck the life out of you. 

Here’s to your most self-love-filled Valentine’s Day ever! 💕💖💝

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Energetic self-care allows you to rebalance, refocus, and rejuvenate your energy centers, rejuvenate the energy that flows within.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:“By us tapping into the energy that's surrounding them during readings, going into different areas that they want greater insight, that they want clarity with, it shifts something for them energetically. They leave the session feeling renewed and reconnected to themselves, and feeling that they are vibrating at a higher energy.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Set aside time for a 5-minute gratitude session, as mentioned in Lynn’s self-care tools. Journal about the experience afterward. Reflect on the things you are grateful for in your life, both big and small. How does practicing gratitude impact your energy levels and overall well-being? Notice any shifts in your mood or perspective after expressing gratitude. Consider making this a daily ritual to nurture your energetic self-love and cultivate a positive mindset.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: Self-care for your energy. Energetic self-love. This is this week's focus as we're in the month of February and a big piece of this is being able to put a light on ourselves and really identify not only how well we're taking care of and loving others around us, but how well we're doing that self-care, that self-nurturing, that self-love for ourselves. And we are energetic beings, so this week I wanna support you to where you can love on yourself energetically. And this will help you to learn how in a state when you can identify and have the awareness that you're in a lower vibrational state, you have a lower sense of energy and you can feel that, I'm going to give you tips of how you can switch that and start to raise that energy, raise the vibration to where you can be in that heightened state. And the focus will be on my personal self-care energetic tips. I'll be sharing them with you so that you can rebalance, refocus, and rejuvenate your energy centers, rejuvenate the energy that flows within you. So this is the focus this week of how you can be your very own best friend and tend to yourself of self-love energetically.

So we've been talking about energetic self-care. So taking care of our energy body, taking care of the energy that flows through us, and tending to that to where we can be in a state of a higher vibration, which affects everything affects everything, our relationships, our mental health, our emotional health, our physical health, how we show up for our professions and our careers, how we parent, how we love. It affects everything. And another thing I wanna share is that if you haven't already given your Valentine, your Galentine, an Intuitive Medium Reading with me, I do have gift cards available. And often the feedback that I receive from my clients after receiving a reading is how good they feel that they feel in that session. By us tapping into the energy that's surrounding them, by us going into different areas that they're wanting that greater insight, that they're wanting to have some clarity, that that shifts something for them energetically, and that they walk away from the session feeling renewed and reconnected to themselves and feeling that they are vibrating at a higher energy. So it is a gift that you can also give to yourself and those that you love.

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