Build a Life That Speaks Directly to Who You Are Today. LMC 1.8.24

Build a Life That Speaks Directly to Who You Are Today

When you combine intentionality with a strategic plan, you can have it all! Without a strong foundation like this, it’s easy to drown in the hustle. Lynn has been there, done that, and wants to help you create a base that will allow you to work for what you want… without the hustle.

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In this video you’ll hear:

  1. When Lynn replaced the hustle in her life
  2. What is special about life coaching

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Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • The moment Lynn realized she was caught up in the hustle
  • How you can prevent burnout
  • The steps to create a year that is genuine and authentically you

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “We each have very prominent moments in our lives that create mindset shifts.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:The New Year is filled with hope and possibility. We're aligning our choices and our actions through intention, planning, and being strategic. This allows us to bring this year together to feel the most concrete in our hearts. A year that is genuine to us, authentic to us, and we're creating our lives to feel that way as well.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Consider the concept that "strategy outweighs hustle." Reflect on the areas in your life where you may have been hustling without a clear plan or strategy. 

How can you shift towards a more intentional and strategic approach in those areas? 

Describe the steps you can take to implement this change.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. By using your innate superpowers, you not only make the world a better place to live in but also find peace, purpose, and fulfillment by grounding in your calling.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: So today I wanna talk about the word showing up. 

So I personally have had to go on a journey of dismantling this word, of showing up. And so I'm bringing this to you, and I think it's timely because we are about to enter in, for those of us who celebrate the holidays, we're entering in a very complex time that becomes multilayered. Um, and so this is going to be especially helpful for that time of year, but just for any of us, whether you celebrate the holidays or not, you very well may be able to relate to what I'm about to share with you. 

So I have recently, so I'm gonna be very, very honest. I am constantly, constantly working on myself in the state of personal growth, personal development, personal understanding, deepening the relationship that I have with myself, um, so that I can live most connected to myself, my surroundings, um, the world that I am creating. And also so that, um, I can really show up and be the highest version that I know my soul came here and intended to be. So I am constantly on that journey. And what that means is that I am doing the work. 

So I recently had a coaching session, a personal coaching session, and what developed from that is that I've been walking this journey of really having a struggle with wanting to show up. So having this, um, and I didn't even realize it, I didn't realize it, and this is the beautiful thing about coaching, is that it was in me just sharing that my coach was able to identify the word that's coming up over and over is showing up. I wanna show up for this person. I wanna show up for that person. I wanna show up, I wanna show up, I wanna show up.

So what, uh, the reframe is for that is so that I'm not trying to run around and show up in all areas for all people with what I am internalizing are their needs. So what my path has been is that in talking with others, because I am very relationship oriented, I love relationship, I love relationships, always have, always will. I claim it, I'm proud of it. The challenge is though, that due to my value of relationships, I, I am a good listener and I can tap into what others value. And without even asking them though, I will gather data of what's important to each individual in my life. And then because I love these people so much and I value my relationships, I then am exerting myself to show up in all of these areas. The problem with that is that I have a very loose definition of showing up.

Really not being very specific with it at all. It’s just, I wanna show up for anything and everything that I think their needs and wants and desires may be. Well, that is a hard road to, to travel and it's a huge shoe to fill. And until I was able to bring awareness to this, it was like, Oh my goodness, what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Wow, The pressure, the pressure, and, huh, I can take it off. I can really remove this from my being like a winter jacket. I can remove this now because I have the awareness of it. So what I'm personally doing is that I'm taking the word show up out of my vocabulary and really becoming very specific of how I can be there for the people that I care about. And it might be so specific and, um, down to, I can be there for my mom by doing X today, or I'm going to show my friend that I'm thinking of them by doing X today.

Rather than just having these loose terms of, well, I wanna show up for my friend, I wanna show up for my mom. And then at any moment me determining where maybe I'm not showing up feeling, um, feeling like I dropped the ball. And that doesn't feel good because I don't wanna do that for anybody. 

So my point in saying this is that I encourage you to really become clear on how you are showing up, how you want to show up. And especially with going into this time of year where we're going to be receiving lots of invitations and requests, and there's gonna be added layers to our already complex lives, um, to really become clear on what it is that you want, how you want to show up for the holidays, how you want to show up in your everyday life, and realize that the number one person to show up for is yourself. 

So I would recommend start with becoming really clear on how you can show up for yourself, and then discern and determine how you can be there for the ones you love and that you care about, and how you're gonna be able to do that and how you can do that and still honor and maintain your sense of center, your sense of balance and your sense of peace. And knowing that you are loving yourself, loving yourself first, and acting from that place is a beautiful gift of love To all of the others that get to receive you. Because when you do show up, you are resourced, you are full, and you're in alignment with yourself because you're allowing yourself to show up for yourself. 

So this is, uh, what we're talking about this week. Just become clear on how you want to show up. How you want to show up as we enter in this week and as we enter into this next season, this next quarter of the year.

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