Relationships Matter.

Lynn shares how much she loves relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but with friends, family, children, spouses, and most importantly, yourself.  Tune in to see what February has in store! In this video you’ll hear: February will go deep into relationships – with ourselves and others. Other topics like conflict, co-dependency, and interdependency will also … Read more

Here We Go!

We have been thinking and planning and calling in the changes, shifts, new beginnings, and new goals for the past month. Now it’s go time! In this video you’ll hear: Why Lynn is wearing yellow?  How you can give life to your new beginning. Video Highlights [01:47] New year, new month, new action Now is … Read more

Honor Your 2022 And Why It’s Important – Part 2

Acknowledging events and experiences is the first step in honoring your year. The next step is to tap into them to fully understand what is meant for us and to show gratitude. In this video you’ll hear: Two highlights of 2022 for Lynn. Why acknowledgement and gratitude together are unstoppable. Video Highlights [00:27] The gifts … Read more