How to realign yourself when things feel itchy

Recently we’ve been focusing on the topic of well-being. Audience members reached out asking Lynn how and where to start supporting their well-being. Tune in to hear Lynn’s suggestion on how to get started. In this video you’ll hear: Learn how to get started strengthening your well-being. Discover knowing what area needs support. Video Highlights … Read more

Today I Choose Joy!

Sometimes being a “grown-up” doesn’t feel like much fun. Our list of responsibilities feels like it’s a mile long with no end in sight. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to feel like that? Lynn shares a brilliant idea! In this video you’ll hear: How to change the heaviness of everyday obligations into … Read more

Oh, There It Is!

Life is always sending messages. Sometimes we notice them and sometimes we don’t. There are times we don’t like what they’re telling us so we push them away and act like we never heard them. Today Lynn shares why this happens and what you can do with the messages you receive. In this video you’ll … Read more