Just Get to B

Knowing we want to get to our new beginning, complete our new goals, and live that vision we’ve been creating for ourselves can be a bit overwhelming now that it’s time to take action. It’s ok not to know each and every step that you need to take to get there. In this video you’ll … Read more

Here We Go!

We have been thinking and planning and calling in the changes, shifts, new beginnings, and new goals for the past month. Now it’s go time! In this video you’ll hear: Why Lynn is wearing yellow?  How you can give life to your new beginning. Video Highlights [01:47] New year, new month, new action Now is … Read more

Clarity Moving into 2023

You’ve already identified the experiences you’ve had this year and found the lessons in them.  The next step is to gain clarity about what you want 2023 to look like for yourself. In this video you’ll hear: How to find clarity in what you want moving forward. Why clarity is so important for your future. … Read more

Honor Your 2022 And Why It’s Important – Part 2

Acknowledging events and experiences is the first step in honoring your year. The next step is to tap into them to fully understand what is meant for us and to show gratitude. In this video you’ll hear: Two highlights of 2022 for Lynn. Why acknowledgement and gratitude together are unstoppable. Video Highlights [00:27] The gifts … Read more

Honor Your 2022 – Why it’s important.

The year of 2022 came with specific meaning and purpose. Lynn discusses why taking an inventory of this year brings you immeasurable awareness, new insights, and guidance that can positively impact your 2023. In this video you’ll hear: Why it’s important to honor this year that has passed. How you can have a beautiful and … Read more