Celebrate Your Personal Freedom

Celebrate Your Personal Freedom; Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Showing up is a phrase we hear so often. You can accept and receive or you can block. The personal freedom is there. It’s up to you whether you celebrate it or not. Lynn shares ways to celebrate this beautiful gift of freedom if you choose to grant yourself permission. In this video you’ll hear: … Read more

Be Present & Be All In!

Be Present & Be All In!

Reflecting on her weekend, Lynn shares exciting milestones happening in the Carpenter family.  She also offers a good reminder coming into the summer season and the importance of being present. In this video you’ll hear: One of the gifts of being human The permission to give yourself Video Highlights Here’s what you can look forward … Read more

Let’s Tour My New Office Together

Let’s Tour My New Office Together 5.20.24 Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Celebrate my new office space with me! Let’s take a tour. I’m now able to do in-person Intuitive Medium Readings and Intuitive Life Coaching sessions. Connect with Lynn Hope you connected with something in this video! Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected … Read more

Are You Feeling Stuck or Stagnant?

Are You Feeling Stuck or Stagnant? Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Continued learning and development is something that lights Lynn up! It doesn’t matter what area of life she’s focusing on, simply knowing she is growing and expanding is all she needs.  Do you feel like you’re in a rut and ready to shake things up?  Lynn provides some ways to elevate your energy and progress … Read more

The Two Pieces That Make Us Whole

The Two Pieces That Make Us Whole Lynn Morgan Carpenter

In case you haven’t heard many of Lynn’s messages, she emphatically believes in the soul and what it’s meant to do. That said, it’s no surprise that your spirit, your soul, is one enormous piece of what makes you the individual you are. Lynn shares the other piece of you that when combined with soul … Read more