Focusing Your Energy to Be a Peak Performer in Life - Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Focusing Your Energy to Be a Peak Performer in Life

It’s easy to give our energy to everything that crosses our minds, similar to a puppy seeing fall leaves blowing by for the first time or shiny object syndrome. You know the saying “keep your eye on the prize”? Lynn’s message is similar this week: keeping your primary focuses front and center in your life. Lynn shares a personal story of how she noticed herself starting down a rabbit hole she didn’t want to entertain or get distracted by, and what she did to preserve her energy.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Why having a primary focus(es) is important
  2. Lynn’s primary focuses

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Lynn shares her primary focuses
  • How to take care of the energy around you
  • Why primary focuses are so important

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Understanding, acknowledging, and bringing to light what your focus is allows you to really take good care of the energy that surrounds you, that you have within you, and what you give it to.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:Anything that can be a distraction and pull your energy away, dilutes your ability to successfully move toward your dreams, your goals, or taking action towards your passion projects.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:We are looking at becoming peak performers in our life, how to preserve our energy to allow us to focus on the things that are most important, and being mindful and understanding of the things outside of us that can pull our energy and also our internal thoughts."

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Recall a recent instance where you were tempted to engage with a distraction that pulled you away from your primary focus. How did you ultimately handle the situation? Reflect on whether there were alternative ways you could have reframed the distraction to stay aligned with your goals and priorities.

Envision your life when your energy is consistently aligned with your primary focus. What does it look and feel like to live a thriving life connected to your deepest desires and aspirations? Describe this vision in detail, including the emotions, experiences, and accomplishments that accompany it. What small steps can you take each day to move closer to manifesting this vision?

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. Through Lynn’s Intuitive Medium Readings, you’ll gain a greater sense of clarity, direction, and hope for your future. 

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: What is your primary focus? I'm bringing this to topic because it's really important, especially when you're looking at being a peak performer in your life. Understanding, acknowledging and bringing to light what your focus is also allows you to really take good care of the energy that surrounds you, the energy that you have within you and what you give your energy to. So what could be a primary focus? It doesn't have to be just one thing, but these are some that it can be, I mean, a primary focus of a professional or personal goal. It can also be a passion project, a creative project. It can be your family and keeping all the organization and helping them to thrive. And it can be multiple things, but it's really allowing and defining what are those things? If there's more than one, what are they? And bringing it up to the light, to the level to where it becomes your primary focus so that you can give your energy there, put your energy towards that direction. For me personally, of course, a primary focus is my family. Also my friends, my friends and family. Very important to me 'cause I'm a mom, I'm a wife, and I'm a friend. Also professionally, I'm a business owner, I'm an entrepreneur. And what I know what's true in my life is I have to have a big professional goal in front of me to maintain my energy because it allows me to have a focal point that I'm putting my focus on. And the reason why this is important, and I wanna share this with you and how it can maintain your energy, is because when something comes in from an external source or an internal source, which is our thoughts, when something comes in and it starts to bring our attention towards it, and it's not in alignment with that primary focus, it will draw us away from number one, what's most important to us. But it also draws away our energy, it's an energy drain. So this is why I'm bringing this to light so that I can help you to be mindful of this because this can so easily happen in our day-to-day life and awareness is everything. So let me share with you how this can happen on a personal level. So I was going through my inbox on my email, clearing some emails out years ago. I found an email that was sent to me. And as I read the email, it's from somebody that I'm no longer in a relationship with. And it got me thinking of all different things and you know, could I have done something different or more? Then I started looking at, I'm like, oh no, no, look, it is full of manipulation and deceit. And I then wanted to take, a screenshot of it, send it to my best friend from college because she is aware of this situation, and then dissect it and go into it. And I stopped myself thinking, do I really wanna give energy to this? Do I wanna give energy to this when I have these primary focuses that are extremely important to me and also are life-giving? They give life to me. And the answer was no. So I stopped in my tracks, I discarded the email, I did not send it to my college BFF and I kept moving forward. Another way that this can help is you're out driving and somebody cuts you off or they give you the bird. Gosh, we could really get upset and allow that to be a focus and allow that to rob our energy and to come into our being and take us down different paths and have anger and think all the people are moving into this area and everything's messed up. Again. That is an energy drain. It's an energy drain. So it's choosing what we want to give our energy to. Because here's the fact, if I have my primary focus before me, when you have your primary focus, before you, any of these things that can be distractions and pull your energy away, it dilutes your ability to successfully move towards that, to move towards your dreams, to move towards your goals, to move towards making action towards your passion projects. And we don't wanna do that. Again because we are looking at becoming peak performers in our life and how to preserve our energy to allow us to focus on the things that are most important and being mindful and understanding of the things outside of us that can pull our energy, but also our internal thoughts. So going back to that email, I started to go down through a whole spiral of different thoughts. Thinking about this, and then starting to think of, well, and I remember when this person did this and I remember when that person, you know, created this. And I remember, I remember all these stories. So I'm starting to get into story. Again, I stopped myself because that's taken me away from what my focuses are that give me life, that give me pleasure, that give me a source of becoming. And that's where I want to be. That's what's important for me to be in that lane. And I'm bringing this to you because I believe if you're here, this is important to you as well. So this is what I have to ask: what is your focus? And it can be more than one. What are your primary focuses? And really acknowledge it. Bring it to the light, write it down, know what they are so that that can become your primary focus. You go through the day and then when things start to come in, you know, a disgruntled employee at your work comes in the door and they have a negative message or what have you. Get to the point of dealing with it, moving it on because you know the lane you're in, you know where you're heading and you know that that's where you want your energy to be, to be maintained so that you can continue to live a thriving life, live more connected to your life. This is a strategy to help you to do just that.

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