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Honor Your 2022 And Why It’s Important – Part 2

Acknowledging events and experiences is the first step in honoring your year.

The next step is to tap into them to fully understand what is meant for us and to show gratitude.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Two highlights of 2022 for Lynn.
  2. Why acknowledgement and gratitude together are unstoppable.

Video Highlights

[00:27] The gifts that life gives us

  • Tapping into the gifts that we are given impacts our future.
  • Dissecting the meaning allows us to choose how we move forward in life.
  • Showing gratitude for this locks it in, so to speak.

[03:11] Two highlights of Lynn’s 2022

  • A Pitbull concert!
  • Lynn is relationship-oriented. Recently spending almost 24 hours with friends and family completely filled her bucket.

[03:18] Lynn Morgan Carpenter:

“I am so grateful that I am alive and I got to experience that!”

[04:32] Where our human brains automatically go 

  • Our brains are wired to look toward the negative, painful things we experience. There are many things to learn through these.
  • We have to consciously ensure we are also looking at the positive, joyous experiences we are given. 
  • It’s also important that we take note of both the big experiences, the simple ones, and everything in between.

[05:35] Lynn Morgan Carpenter: 

“This is the process of honoring your life. It is important, it has merit.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

~Pick one really big moment, the one you’re still telling stories about. Journal everything you remember about it.

~Next pick one small moment that touched you. You may not have told anyone about this, but it filled your heart. Journal everything you remember about it.

~Finally, pick a hard one. One you’d rather forget. Journal everything you remember about it. The way it changed your perspective, what you learned from it, and how you may do things differently in the future. 

Connect with Lynn


I hope you connected with something in this video!

Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. By using your innate superpowers, you not only make the world a better place to live in but also find peace, purpose, and fulfillment by grounding in your calling.

If you have any questions or topic suggestions, please visit me on Instagram @lynnmorgancarpenter or email me by clicking here.

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Thank you so much for listening! 💖


Lynn Morgan CarpenterOkay, so we've been on the path of honoring the year. So last week I spoke to you about, before we can go into our new beginning, going into a new year of 2023, a really important step is to pause and take a moment and to do inventory of the year that you have had. So, you know, here we are, we're at the very end of 2022. So it's taking inventory of the year and what it brought to you. Because each year in our life brings us enormous gifts that if we really are able to tap into and understand and know them on a deeper level, it will impact our ways of being for the future in really big monumental ways. So this is why, um, I'm, I'm guiding you through this, this concept of honoring your year because it absolutely has importance as you go into 2023.

So, um, last week, I just encouraged you to go through the catalog of your experiences and really to pay attention of what all the experiences brought to you. Um, all of the wisdom, all of the, um, insights, the new ideas, the ahas, the knowings, the strengths that you can pull forward. And once doing that, the next step is to give gratitude. 

So it's to literally, and hopefully you've journaled this, you guys all know I'm a big proponent of journaling. Um, if you absolutely don't want to, you can definitely do this as a mental list. I just, uh, I recommend for those of you who are like, okay, I'm ready to take it to the next step, um, then, then do that and go to the journaling. But if you're not quite ready to do the act of journaling, I want you to know that, um, you will have impact by simply making a mental list. But if you wanna take that up to the next level, break out the journal. Really give yourself a, like a beautiful little session with yourself where you're able to write down and journal all of the experiences that you've encountered this year. 

And once you dissect that of the meaning of those experiences, what you've learned, um, the new insights that you have, then going through and giving gratitude, giving gratitude for them. So this is gonna seal it in. So saying, okay, I had this experience and I am grateful because I learned this, or I released and let go of this thing that has been a burden on my back. And I am so grateful for the experience of this year that I had complete insight and clarity of how to fully let that go. Um, giving gratitude of this is also what I got to experience that was so dang joyful. 

My goodness, that's, that has been something for my personal life that I've noticed. Can I just tell you guys, I went to a Pitbull concert and literally I walked out of there saying, I am so grateful that I am alive and I got to experience that. It was such an incredible experience and it's, it's one of the highlight of this year. And I just had that overwhelming feeling. I'm so grateful I'm alive cuz I got to experience that. I just had this experience this past weekend, I mean, from top to bottom. I'm like, what a glorious day. I started out with breakfast with a friend and then came home. I was with my kids and their friends and we went to a UNR basketball game and saw some friends there. We came home and then we had, um, friends over for dinner. I'm like, do you see the, the pattern here? So it was a day full of friends. So you can tell if you're my friend, I really enjoyed being with you . But anyhow, it was one of those days where I just like, I'm so happy to be alive and I got to experience this. 

And I'm sharing this with you because as we're doing this review of our life so that we're doing an honoring of the year of 2022, don't forget like, you know, our, our human brains, they naturally go to kinda like the negative or the painful. And there's meaning in that, there's lot of growth and learning that happens in those painful experiences, my gosh. And I also wanna encourage you, allow your mind, even though it's less, um, less convenient for our mind to go to the positives and the joyful moments, you know, the, the bigger experiences on, down to the simple, simple experiences.

Make a note of those so that you can also give gratitude to those. Like, I am so grateful I'm alive and I got to experience this. Ah, so this is, this the path of honoring your life, honoring the year that we were given. And we’re able to take that honoring take the gratitude of all the experiences all the impact that’s having on our lives that’s going to influence how we build in the new year. This is the process of honoring your life. It is important that has merit and I’m here to support you to do it so give yourself the gift. Give yourself this gift honor your year honor your life.

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