Intuitive Medium Reading For Personal & Professional Development Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Intuitive Medium Reading For Personal & Professional Development

There is so much wisdom to be had when you decide to follow your desires. So many people feel stuck in an area of life simply because they decided to be there. Guess what? You can change your mind. You’re allowed to make a shift when things don’t feel aligned. Lynn can help bring you guidance in this area through an Intuitive Medium Reading.

Tune in as Lynn talks through the possibilities that can happen if/when you choose to make a shift or expansion in your personal and professional life.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. One of three things that will happen if you choose to shift, change, enhance, or expand in your career, personal, and/or professional life
  2. How to overcome the root of your barriers to expansion

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Where did these barriers to change come from?
  • The possible outcomes for whatever decision you choose 
  • What happens if you make a shift that’s not in alignment?

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “You would not have the desires of your heart with what you do and your contribution in the world unless you were capable and equipped to do them.

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:You can always change so trust yourself to know when you need to make shifts and changes.

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Reflect on times when fear held you back from pursuing opportunities or making changes in any area of your life. Consider the origins of these fears and how they have influenced your decision-making process.

Now consider having these fears addressed and taken into consideration with steps and guidance in what is next for you. You have the desire for change within because it’s meant for you.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. Through Lynn’s Intuitive Medium Readings, you’ll gain a greater sense of clarity, direction, and hope for your future. 

Put what you’ve learned from your Intuitive Medium Reading into action and thrive. Choose between her two life coaching programs Life Boost and Evolve. Through Lynn’s holistic approach and consistent support, you’ll gain confidence and courage while taking consistent action in creating the next version of you.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: Many of my clients come to me specifically to have readings done around the focal point of their career and professional development. And I have to say I love these readings and I believe that's true because I've always had a very personal connection to career development. This has been a theme in my life. I've held several different titles and have had several different careers, and have all led been all the stepping stones to where I am today. And I love being able to provide my client with sharing and going into the energy that's surrounding them, that's specifically around this area of their life, and helping them to be open to the opportunities and possibilities that maybe they're not as aware of. And the thing that I have found a common theme, so I wanna bring this up because if you personally have been thinking and desiring a shift change enhancement to your career, your professional life, and then you stop yourself with a barrier, you place some barrier in front of you, I want you to know this is very common and that barrier, what's at the root of it is fear. Fear of what if I make this change but then I don't love it? What if I fight for this new position, but then what comes with it are things that take me away from the priorities in my life or my family? There can be a lot of the what ifs, and I really want to help you to know that this is super common. Oftentimes we'll place these barriers because whenever we're about to step out of our comfort zone, our human brain automatically starts to go into this as a protective mechanism. It does not mean that you're not meant to take the steps and make these shifts and make the enhancements in your professional life. And here's what I know to be true. Three things that absolutely will happen if you choose to go on a journey of making a shift, change, enhancement, or expansion in your career and profession. This is what will happen. One of three, three things. Number one is that you make this shift and change and you find out you absolutely love it and you're able to thrive in that place for many years. That's number one. Number two is that you take the step, you make the shift and change in your life, and you become aware of things about this career shift and change that you would not have had the opportunity to even be aware of if you did not make this step. And what you find is that by making that step and then becoming aware of these new components of what you are involved in, of where you're going in your career, it leads you to a higher step. It leads you to a higher level. But unless you were willing to make that shift and change, there's no way that you would've had the perspective to go to that higher level. I know this 'cause I personally have walked this. And then the third thing is, let's say you make a shift or a change or enhancement and you don't love it. It's not in alignment. This is the thing I want you to know. I want you to know that you can always change it. You can always change it. You have the choice to change it. Often as humans, we will lock ourselves in thinking, if I made this change, then I have to make this work and I have no recourse or ability to make this to be different. It's not true. It's not true. You can always change and trust yourself to know when you need to make shifts and changes. And here's what I know for sure is that let's say you make a change and you don't love it, you will learn really important things about yourself that you never would've learned if you stayed back in that safety zone, stayed back in that place, that you weren't super satisfied in anyways, unless you try whatever it is that's calling for you professionally in your career life, what you're wanting to walk towards with your desires, your hopes, your dreams, unless you walk towards that and experience it, you'll never know. You'll never know unless you go for it. So if you are having some questions and thoughts and pondering areas of your career and your professional growth and development, and you're wanting to entertain maybe making some enhancements or shifts and changes and you'd like some higher insight on that, I'd be happy to help you by going in and doing an intuitive reading around that. This is my message for you today because what I do know is that the desires of your heart and when it comes to what you do and your contribution in the world, you wouldn't have them unless you were capable and equipped to do them.

Lynn Morgan Carpenter

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