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Is it helpful to your life or a mental waste of time?

We have things coming at us front, back, and center at all times. We may have a well-planned day that may go just as we planned. Or there will be a wrench thrown into our plan that we won’t see coming.

What’s the best way to handle these situations when they arise? Lynn shares what you can do next.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. The question to ask yourself when you’re in a situation.
  2. Why it’s important to be your own best friend.

Video Highlights

[00:18] You are the gardener

  • You are the only one who can tend to your energetic garden
  • Will you allow it to grow or to be overcome by weeds?

[01:54] Navigating with ease 

  • How can you navigate your energetic garden 
  • Decide how to tend to it or if it’s just a waste of your energy

[02:18] Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Let this keep you in check as you're navigating your day. Make sure that you are tending to your energy and really just allowing yourself to be your very best friend by caring for yourself and not getting distracted by outside things.”

[03:56] Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Become very mindful of your own energy and be the gardener of your energy and taking really good care of yourself as you're on this path.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

How can you protect your energetic garden? What are some hard no’s for you that you know are a waste of your mental energy?

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I hope you connected with something in this video!

Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. By using your innate superpowers, you not only make the world a better place to live in but also find peace, purpose, and fulfillment by grounding in your calling.

If you have any questions or topic suggestions, please visit me on Instagram @lynnmorgancarpenter or email me by clicking here.

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Thank you so much for listening! 💖


Lynn Morgan CarpenterThere's a powerful question that you can lean on many times during the day as you're going on this journey of really becoming aware of your energy and how to tend to your energetic garden. Cause we are the gatekeepers of our energy and I like to look at that and visualize it as a garden. And it's up to us to be the gardener to where we are nurturing and caring for ourselves and our energy. Our energy is a big source of what is guiding us and providing for us as we go through our day. So it's something that's really important, really, really important. So the question is, is as you are coming across different things that are will creep up in the day, cause that's how it is. I mean, really we wake up and, you know, we could have our certain routine or certain, um, objectives that we think we're going to be crossing off our list as we go through our day.


But things are always popping up and interactions are always happening and things are always being either, um, sparked or triggered. And so the question that can really help to navigate and move through that with ease to where you can see that, oh, I'm not overstepping here and all of a sudden pouring all this energy that is not going to serve my overall picture, um focal point that I have for today in my overall life. So here's the question, let me give it to you. So the question is, is this helpful to my life? So whatever it is that's happening, maybe it's a conversation, maybe it's a text message that comes through, maybe it's a social media post, maybe it's an interaction with somebody, um, that's having a bad day. It's just saying, okay, as I'm taking this in and as I go through all the different ways I could respond to this, is it helpful to my life?


Where you are caring and taking care of yourself and not getting distracted by outside things that are coming in. Because Lord knows we have a lot of those different things that come into our lives on a daily basis. And of course there are things that we need to tend to and take care of, but when we can get really clear on what is meant for us, what is within our garden of our life, and you know, what fuels the, the values, you know, what we're most connected to. 


What fuels that, and the things that are just weeds just weeds on the outside, maybe those weeds are trying to creep in. So really allow yourself as you're navigating and going through your day, um, each day this week is to stop and just ask yourself that question, is this helpful to my life? Is it helpful for me to be dwelling on this? Is it helpful for me to be worrying about this? Is it helpful for me to be triggered by this conversation or by this person? Is it helpful for me or is it a waste of mental energy? Is it a waste of my energy? Is it a waste of where I'm going and where I'm heading and what I'm focusing on in my life as I'm building and nurturing my beautiful life? So this is the question that is going to help you this week that is here to empower you as you're really going into this spring and becoming very mindful of your own energy and being the gardener of your energy and taking really good care of yourself as you're on this path.

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