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Life Steps Up It’s Efforts When It Needs You to Take Notice

Life’s messages can be easy to miss if you’re not aware of them or know how to notice them. It all takes time and awareness.

When your message is urgent and the gentle nudges aren’t quite cutting it, life steps things up.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Life adds another layer in the form of a messenger when sending you messages.
  2. Lynn shares a personal experience with one of her life messengers.

Video Highlights

[00:28] Messages and messengers

  • Lynn reinforces the topic of life sending you messages
  • Today she let’s you know in addition to mess𝗮𝗴𝗲𝘀, life also sends you mess𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘀 when needed

[03:00] Two examples of messengers 

  • Lynn shares the messenger who helped send her in a direction that was entirely in alignment with her calling, soul,  and life
  • Hear how a choreographed dance gets a further nod that it should become a book

[05:11] Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Life is like a playground. Every day we get to choose how we interact on the playground of our lives.”

[05:18] Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “There are all these beautiful energetic things that are taking place that are for the health and benefit of our lives if we can just be in tune and be aware and recognize them.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Now that you’re more aware of life’s messages coming your way and the messengers that help, think back to a time that you can now say, “Yes! That was definitely life telling me something and Yes! So-and-so was the messenger who drove that message home.” Describe in detail all the little nudges you received before your messenger stepped in.

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I hope you connected with something in this video!

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: So last week we started the conversation about how we have messages that come into our lives and that struck a chord with a lot of you. So I wanna continue this topic and also share in a continuation of this, that in addition to these messages that we have in our lives, we also have messengers. So these are people that come into our lives and they have a direct message for us. So let's talk a little bit more about this. So backing up, yes, we continually have messages that come into our lives. And as I mentioned last week, it can come in as a feeling like you just have this feeling that keeps arising or it's a reoccurring thought that continues to, um, be in your consciousness. And when that is happening, it's a beautiful opportunity, and really it's an invitation behind the energy of your life that's saying, what, what is this?

Um, so it's an invitation to look in and really see what is my life sharing with me? What is the energy of my life wanting me to take note of, to notice? And how could this potentially be a guide to my next step, my next path in my life? So these are very, very powerful, uh, experiences that happen often on the daily if we are in tune to them and if we have the awareness. So this is why I'm bringing this conversation, cause really it's just, you know, so much of awareness is like, once we have a conversation about something, it opens it up, it opens our awareness to it. So this is why this is helpful to have these types of conversations, cause it allows us to, to take a pause for a minute from the obligations and responsibilities of our day and say, oh, wait a minute, what is going on around me that's really for my health and benefit? And is they're actively wanting to nurture my life and guide me. Um, and how can I start to pay more attention to that. 

Now about the messengers. So in addition to us having messages, we have messengers that come into our lives. Typically, it's another person and they will say something that will resonate to a thought or a feeling that you've had. So something that you have pondered, you've given thought to, um, and you, you know, but when this messenger comes into your life, it's like, it just like a two by four, that, that pounds the, the knowing even further in to where it's almost, um, and this is what I love about these messengers because I feel like they really come in because it's a little bit more of, oh, the message is like, you know, they've been receiving them and feeling them, but it's not quite, it's not quite going in.

So the messenger is sent in and it's like, boom, this is, we want you to know this. We want you to be aware of this. So I share this with you because this is actually even something I've written in my book because I've had many messengers in my life and I had a very prominent messenger that came at a very important time in my life that really shifted the direction that I was going. This is many, many years ago. And I look back on that and just number one, so grateful and I see the importance of it and I see why that messenger was sent my life, why I was given the message, and how it absolutely 100% sent me in a direction that was so in an alignment with what my life was calling for, what my soul was calling for. And this is true for you.

This happens to you. This has happened to you, whether maybe you are aware of it or not, or, and it will happen to you. So I wanna bring this to your awareness and another, um, story that just just happened. And that's another reason why I wanted to bring this to you cause it just was another reminder to me that this, this takes place is I have a beautiful friend and she, um, is a performer. She's a dance performer and she's a choreographer. And she created this dance and it was tied directly to a personal story. And she, um, before the performance shared the inspiration behind it and shared a piece of her life story. And at the end, someone came up to her and said, you should write your story. You should write a book about this. And the fact is, is she's considered that before.

So I look at that and just think, yes, and what a beautiful messenger to come home and drive home something you've already have known and felt. And, um, of course we have free will with any and all of this, with any and all of this. But it's just a beautiful opportunity to really open the awareness and be aware of these messages that are coming in for you and the messengers that bring in the message for you as well. And to really allow this to be a guidance as you're going down the beautiful path of your life. And the truth is, our lives, it's like a playground every day we get to choose how we interact on the playground of our lives. And there's all these, um, beautiful energetic things that are taking place that are for the health and the benefit for our lives if we can just be in tune and be aware and recognize them. 

So my, um, encouragement and recommendation is this week really play with this, play with seeing how messages come into your awareness through feelings, through reoccurring thought and also messengers. So, um, somebody that comes in and shares a message that just hits you, it hits you internally, it hits within your core, and it it will connect. Most likely will connect to something you have given thought to. So this is the message for this week. I, um, am excited to hear how this goes for you. So keep your awareness to those messages and messengers and let me know how it goes. What are you being shown? What are you being asked? Let's talk about it. I'm excited to support you with all of this and more.

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