Hi! I'm Lynn.

I am an Intuitive Transformation Coach, Speaker, and soon to be Author.

My mission is to help you to Live More Connected to your inner-calling.

I believe the world becomes a better place for all, when we choose to live a life that’s in alignment with our inner-calling.

For the last 14 years, I mentored and coached hundreds of women how to own their individual power, enhance their self-esteem, and build an independent business with confidence. Then in 2019, after losing my father to pancreatic cancer, I heard my inner-calling speak to me once again. This is when we have a choice to answer the call or not. I chose to answer the call…


Today, I am an LLCA certified Life Coach, working with women individually and in groups, and on the path of becoming a transformational author and speaker. My mission is to help all individuals to Live More Connected through self-expansion and growth, and confidently and authenticity step into the full expression of their lives.

The truth is, we arrived here with unique gifts, strengths, talents, curiosities, and enjoyments for a reason. We now live in a time that our individual spirits are no longer allowing us to sweep the voice of our inner-calling under the carpet.

Your inner-calling has only one desire. And that is to emerge from the depth of your inner-being and expand, so you can meet the wholeness and oneness that life has to offer.

Since I was a child, I’ve been aware that I had an inner-calling to expose and live out in this lifetime. Then my inner-calling emerged more forcefully in my early twenties after I graduated from college and began my professional career as a dental hygienist. I went years internally knowing that there was more for me to experience and areas of my life that were yearning to expand.

Can you relate to this feeling?

If the answer is yes! Do you know this IS your inner-calling speaking to you?

When your inner-calling speaks to you, it creates a state of wonder; wondering what this “thing” is that you’re feeling, hearing, and sensing. Also, it creates intense waves of frustration and discontentment, knowing something great lies within you, but you’re unclear on how to embrace it and step towards it.

I know these feelings all too well! All of them hovered over my existence for nearly a decade, until I decided to courageously create forward movement in my life by listening, trusting, and taking action on what my inner-calling was needing and requesting. Then step-by-step, my life began to open-up.

Who I am today, is the mentor that I desperately needed in my younger years, when I was trying to make sense of what I was internally experiencing.

Due to the journey that I’ve intimately traveled, it allows me to help you to understand and gain clarity about your feelings, yearnings, desires, doubts, insecurities, limiting beliefs, and messages you’re receiving. So, you can develop confidence, and step into the freedom of experiencing and expressing your inner-calling TODAY!

Make a commitment to honor your inner-calling. The world is waiting for YOU!


A little more about me

I grew up in rural northern California, and now live in Reno, Nevada. I love being surrounded by people who fill my life with joy: my husband, children, mom, a huge extended family, and trusted friends, new and old alike. Those who touch my life fill me with love, stability, and energy.

As a natural connector, I enjoy learning from other people through their stories and life experiences. I have a unique gift of intuitively connecting with individual souls to quickly channel their brilliance. I attribute my country roots to being down to earth, approachable, and being able to instantly turn a stranger into an instant friend.

I’ve always had a deep love and appreciation for people and feel energized when connecting over intimate conversations, or in small and large gatherings. I find peace through meditation, journaling, visiting the outdoors, and enjoy cooking in the kitchen while listening to my favorite tunes, and dancing.