Recombobulating Your Summer’s Discombobulation Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Recombobulating Your Summer’s Discombobulation

Recombobulation is a gift you can give yourself. Life doesn’t always happen exactly as we plan. 

Lynn shares ways you can shift yourself from the discombobulation of spring into summer and how you can best enjoy this season!

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. What does recombobulation mean
  2. How to approach the discombobulation of summer

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • The mental reframe that will ease summer’s discombobulation 
  • How Lynn is approaching this in her life

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:It's going to be a little different right now and it's okay. Release the expectation of what you want things to look like, acknowledge it’s just a short slice of time, lean in, and allow yourself to enjoy it!

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

What aspects of this summer do you find challenging? What do you find delightful?

How can you lean into the changes and spontaneity of summer? What new activities or routines can you try?

Reflect on the difference between your ideal summer and your actual summer. How can you find peace and joy in the reality of your summer experience?

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: Recombobulation. Are you in need of recombobulation now that you have entered summertime? I've had clients say, goodness, right as the summer starts, I feel completely discombobulated, but we're gonna highlight this. Also, I wanted to share with you, there's a really fun story behind the inception of recombobulation. I promise you it's a legitimate word. It was actually created and is a designated area in the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. They have a designated area that's called the Recombobulation Area, and it's specifically for those that have gone through security, all the discombobulation that comes with taking off your shoes, take off your belt, make sure you don't have anything in your pockets, put your devices in a separate bin and go through the scanning device, and you get on the end and you feel completely disheveled. How cool is it that this airport has made a specific area for recombobulation? And so we're gonna highlight right now because if you've gone into summer, especially those of you who have children, you can feel completely discombobulated because your sense of structure and routine went out the window and looks very different. Let's highlight how you can do a mental reframe so that the different routines, the different forms of structure that come with summer, don't get in the way of you really savoring and enjoying this time. Here are some of my personal ways that I help myself to not feel discombobulated all summer long to where I can do this mental shift and really enjoy this time. Number one, it's acknowledgment that this is a short slice of time. This is just a little window, and before we know it, it will pass. The second thing is leaning in. So knowing that this is just a slice of time, that will soon come to an end. How can I lean into this time? How can I lean into the fact that there's less organization and structure and really allow myself to enjoy it. In our home, where I will allow myself to lean into this more is to stay up later because the days are longer. Also, allowing to do activities that I wouldn't normally do, I wouldn't normally do with my kids because of the routine of their schedules and school and I wouldn't normally do in my own life. So for instance, and I shared with you last week on a whim, it was in the evening, my daughter and I drove to California and we picked cherries at my mom's property and how delightful that was, and thrilling and felt great. And the other thing is where to alter expectations or ease the expectation or simply let them go. I know for myself, I have to do this in the order of my home. The cleanliness of my home that looks different during the summertime, especially 'cause of my children being in the home and there's more traffic with events and my children's friends are in and out, and it just looks different. For me, I have to train myself. I have to encourage myself to release the expectation of what I really would like that to look like and just know it's a slice of time and it's gonna be a little different right now and it's okay. The other thing that's really helpful for individuals as you're going through the summertime because there is the shift of how we do life in the summertime, it just looks different than any other time of year, it's to maintain a personal focus. So for instance, this summer, my intention, my personal focus is nutrition and physical movement. Typically, at the end of the summer, I feel totally discombobulated in my body because of all the different foods and the drinks and the enjoyment and traveling and less physical activity. But this year, this summer, I'm making it my personal focus to where I'm continuing with my nutrition, my water intake, and my movement and my body, and having that as a commitment. And the beautiful thing is, is by having that personal focus, it allows for the things around us that feel more out of sync than typical feel less agitating or irritating or of nuisance. I encourage you have a personal focus for this summer of what you'd like for yourself and maybe even do some activities or allow some experiences that you typically wouldn't do. Because really my encouragement, I hope for this time and whatever summer looks like for you, whether your kids are home or not, allow yourself to embrace it and soak it up because before we know it, we'll be tiptoeing into fall and this is the time just to enjoy your summer and all that comes with it.

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