"It’s time to give yourself permission to evolve."

- lynn morgan carpenter

It’s time to do a check in!

Do you long to discover your inner-calling, but don’t know how?

  • Is your inner-calling speaking to you, yet you are confused and uncertain by the messages you are receiving?
  • Do you know what your inner-calling is, but are fearful to take action and step towards it?

If you answered, “yes,” to one of the above questions… your body, mind and soul are aligned with your inner-calling. This is a sign that you are ready for the next steps, and to Live More Connected.

When learning how to Live More Connected to our inner-calling, it’s important to know that there’s a cycle of emotions we can experience when thinking about acting on that inner-knowing.

First, you may feel elevated with excitement, a sense of inspiration, and motivation. Then, you land in what I like to refer to as your “reality thinking.” This is where resources, such as time, and money and how can I accomplish this, and that, begin to seep in. Soon follows the feelings of fear, doubt, insecurities and confusion, from deep-seeded limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are what restrict us from all that is possible and tethers our inner-being to stay where it’s safe.

The consequence is a stifled spirit, paralyzed from knowing and experiencing our true inner-calling.

I understand the loop of emotions because I, too, have experienced them personally and because of that, have dedicated my life to overcoming the endless loop of questioning ourselves. Trust me when I tell you, if my inner-calling can thrive in this life-time, so can yours.

When you say, “yes” to your inner-calling, you are making the world a better place. Honoring your inner-calling is the work to focus on in this lifetime. It is hands-down the most important work you can do. It serves you and positively impacts everyone who surrounds you.

Let me help you discover the possibilities that are waiting for you. Together, we will find your courage, and strength, provide you with clarity, and motivation, with the energy and focus you need to get there. Your inner-calling is waiting for you, and so am I.

This is how I am currently working with clients

Activate Your Inner-Calling

(Private Coaching Session)

A private, one-on-one, Zoom session to jumpstart your inner-calling. A session where you can freely ask me anything about you, the direction you should take, if at a crossroads, or simply need guidance to align with your inner-calling. It’s time to gain clarity, confidence, and a new perspective to live the life that’s calling for you.

Gain Community & Inner-Connection

“Live More Connected” Community

Count this as your personal invitation to join me in the Live More Connected Community. It’s a safe online-space for women to feel supported, guided, and nurtured – all while connecting to your unique inner-calling.

If you have lost your center of connection or are looking to expand it – this monthly membership is for you!

Intuitive Session

(Private Coaching Session)

Sometimes, we just need some intuitive-guidance to determine the path you should take, in any circumstance. In this private, one-on-one, Zoom session, you’ll share what’s weighing on your heart and mind. Intuitively, I will guide and support you to gain a fresh insight, with clarity and direction.

Alicia Cooks

Alicia Cook

"Before I started working with Lynn, I was feeling stuck, lost, confused, and defeated. After 15 years in sales, I knew I needed a change, but I didn’t know what that might look like or how to get started. That’s when I turned to Lynn.

Lynn helped me to identify areas of my life that were screaming for my attention.

Then she helped me develop an action plan that was easy to implement immediately. 

She continued to guide me, which kept me focused on my goals and moving forward. 

Thanks to Lynn’s guidance and support, I quickly became unstuck! I felt motivated to reach for the life that was calling me. In just two short months, I stepped away from sales and opened my own business. Today I feel inspired and excited about this next chapter in my life."