Surrender: How to Navigate This Experience in Your Life. Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Surrender: How to Navigate This Experience in Your Life

It’s generally easy to surrender things we no longer desire to be in our lives. Sometimes, we are happy or feel relieved to let certain situations or relationships go. However there are other times we don’t realize life is asking us to surrender, and we avoid it.  

In today’s video, Lynn shares a personal example of surrendering in her life.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Why life presents moments of surrender
  2. An example of a time Lynn’s life required surrender

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Why life asks you to surrender
  • What Lynn’s experience was after her father’s passing
  • The result of pushing through surrender without processing

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “We are asked at different points in our life to surrender because it creates space for what is wanting to emerge and be known in our life.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:When life presents an opportunity to surrender, it is a beautiful invitation to be savored, embraced, loved, and understood.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Consider the idea that surrendering opens the door to the unknown and allows for new possibilities to emerge. Imagine yourself fully embracing uncertainty and letting go of the need for control. 

What opportunities or insights might arise from surrendering to the flow of life? 

How can you cultivate a sense of trust and acceptance in the face of uncertainty?

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: Recently I had a conversation and the topic of surrender came up and it reminded me that five years ago I was invited into my own surrendering, my own personal surrendering. And it was a challenging time because I had just walked through a journey with my father, his cancer journey that led to his passing. After his passing, I remember desperately wanting to reconnect to the life I had before the experience. I wanted to jump back into that life with full force. As I tried, nothing looked the same, felt the same, and it was as if I was navigating life with like two left hands. It just was not coming together. Then I had this huge epiphany, and the epiphany was, is that my soul was asking me to surrender the benefit of surrendering what I now know and realize about this, the reason why we are asked at different points in times in our life to surrender is because it creates space for what is wanting to emerge and be known in our life. It's a courageous act because it takes tons of bravery to walk that journey takes tons of bravery and courage. It can take some technique and skill, which I now know because of personally navigating the path. I'm bringing this to you because maybe you have walked this journey or you currently feel like things just aren't coming together in your life as they once did. You very well may be receiving the invitation to surrender in your life. I wanna just bring this topic to mind because it's important. In our culture, I feel like we aren't really taught how to do this or the benefit of doing it because we're often taught just white knuckle and push through it. That works for some, and it works in some cases, but in other cases, it can lead to destruction. I'm bringing this to you because when this moment happens in your life, it is a beautiful invitation to be savored, to be embraced, to be loved, and to be understood. Join me this week because this is the topic. Surrender how to go along and navigate that journey in your life.

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