The Transformation That Led Me to Life Coaching @lynnmorgancarpenter

The Transformation That Led Me to Life Coaching

Lynn shares her journey to becoming a certified Life Coach. It’s been a winding road of almost two decades. Life happens to Life Coaches just as it does for the rest of us!

Listening to Lynn’s desires, hurdles, and choices that led to her personal transformation will help you to reflect on your own life’s path.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Lynn’s journey to life coaching
  2. The magic of transformation in your life

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Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Her first inkling of being a coach
  • Why Lynn’s heart is dedicated to supporting her clients
  • Where she is landing today
  • How Lynn can help you live your best life, intentionally

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “I wholeheartedly know that we are here to grow, develop, and evolve, and to have transformation through the course of our lives.

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:I help people understand what their soul is here to do because when we understand what that is, my goodness, life takes on a whole new shape - we create an entirely different relationship with this whole journey we call life.

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

What are your thoughts about transformation? 

Are you in an active state of growth and development? 

If yes, what area of your life are you expanding and why? If not, what’s getting in the way?

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. By using your innate superpowers, you not only make the world a better place to live in but also find peace, purpose, and fulfillment by grounding in your calling.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: So many of you have inquired, why are you a life coach? So I thought the time is now. I want to be able to share with you a little bit of the backstory of my journey of becoming a certified life coach. And I thought this was the perfect time because I also have a special announcement that I'm very proud of, is that I've just completed my three-year study in the Levin Life Coach Academy and I've received my fifth certification. And I am extremely, oh, I'm just excited to be here at this point because what I can tell you is that this hasn't just been a three-year journey for me. Not at all. Actually, the first inkling of having a desire of life coaching was inspired to me 18 years ago. And what was taking place at that time is that coaching wasn't the industry that it is today. I did research for programs. I found one in Arizona. I was newly married. I knew I wanted to start a family so that didn't really seem that that would be quite possible. And it just, things weren't set up, even technology-wise to be able to do what we can today. And then what took place is that shortly after that desire, I began working for a company that, again, I was very rooted, it was very rooted in personal development, professional development. And I naturally fell into position where I was coaching. I was personally coaching people with life topics that affected the growth of their business. And I was coaching professionally on the professional topics that allow for one's career to grow. And so that need, that desire to be a coach was very naturally happening. And honestly, I thought, well, isn't this great? I've been able to do this and I didn't actually have to go and become certified.

Well then many years later, and that was very fulfilling for me for over a decade. I then received the calling and it was to become certified. And so that is what's taken me on this journey of where I am today. And this is what I've been bringing to you. And the reason why is because I believe in this work. Because I believe in transformation. I wholeheartedly know that we are here to grow, develop, and evolve and to have transformation through the course of our life. I know that, and I love being able to facilitate that in others. The other thing, what life coaching does, is that it shows the possibility for others. It shows the possibility. And when we know what's possible and we start to root in to understanding ourselves on a deeper level, knowing what our strengths are, knowing how to leverage those strengths, knowing how to show up in the world and be authentic and genuine and claim what is important to us, knowing all of that gives rise to a beautiful life. It gives rise to a life that is being very intentionally led, and that is on a path of fulfillment. Because what I also know is that yes, personal development, these life coaching topics that honestly I feel like should be taught in the classroom for our youngers, should be a part of the curriculum for all of us so that we know how to set healthy boundaries. We know how to create a vision for ourselves, and then when it's time to reassess that vision and how to align our daily choices and our actions so that that vision that we have for ourselves, that comes from this internal place, then becomes tangible to where we are actually living it out. Those are very important topics for absolutely everyone to know. So that is one reason why absolutely believe in this work. The other is that this doesn't just apply to the personal development. As I mentioned last week, this also naturally rolls over into professional. So what you're doing for the internal work, it absolutely affects how you show up professionally and it develops you as a professional. The other thing is spiritual. And this is what I know is that as I've gone on this process and this path of personal development, professional development, and now spiritual development, this has been a journey for me at least for 18 years. But I do know that I've also been on that prior to that. So, did my soul come here to do this? Yes, it did. And your soul came here for a very specific reason too. So the other piece of my work is really helping people to absolutely understand what that is because when we understand what that is, my goodness, life takes on a whole new shape and we create an entire different relationship with this whole journey we call life. And so are they important? Yes. It's the personal development, it's the professional development, and it's the spiritual development. So that is why you do see me showing up. And when I'm talking about intuition, I'm talking about intention, I'm talking about these topics and concepts. I talk about the soul. I talk about the calling because they are important. All of this comes together and creates our lives. We have a human side to us and we have a soul side. And if we can get those to marry together, that is where the power is. And that is what my work is. And so this is why for years now, I've showed up every Monday to share with you with these topics, is really to be able to nurture these sides of you, your human self, your soul self, and allow this to come together and mend in a beautiful way because your life is beautiful. Your contribution here is remarkable. But sometimes it can be a little tough to witness it or to understand it or to see it or to have clarity of it. But what I know is that there is a path of clarity, and that is the path that I am here to take you on. So this week, the focus is just allowing everything I shared here to soak in with you and whatever resonates, allow that to stick. And if you are wondering about anything that I've shared, reach out to me. I would love to be able to have a conversation with you on any point of this that struck a chord and you're like, I wanna know more about this for myself. I'm here for you. I'm here to support you. This is beautiful work. It's important work, and I love each week that I can wrap arms, link arms, with you to be on this journey together.

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