To All My Midlifers Lunn Morgan Carpenter

To All My Midlifers

Why is midlife in the forefront of Lynn’s mind? Lynn shares the experiences we all face during this time. It’s not all a bed of roses but there is beauty in it. You’re not alone during this journey.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Why midlife is such a vital time 
  2. Why Lynn loves working with women in this time of life

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • What does fear have to do with it?
  • Being intentional about how you choose to lead your life
  • How Lynn works with clients through these sometimes difficult times

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Midlife is such a sacred time that deserves to be given more attention and intention on how you lead the rest of your life.

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:I love being able to help those that are in this midlife time that maybe feel a little confused, a little jaded even, not really knowing where to turn and wondering how to get uncovered from the rubble of multiple experiences that at times beat us up.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Often, midlife can be a time to rediscover or deepen our passions. Are there any interests or dreams you're rekindling or discovering anew during this phase? How do they bring joy and purpose to your life?

Midlife is a sacred time. How do you currently nurture yourself and prioritize self-care during this phase? Are there any new self-care practices you'd like to explore or integrate into your life?

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. Through Lynn’s Intuitive Medium Readings, you’ll gain a greater sense of clarity, direction, and hope for your future. 

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: Hi, midlife. I'm talking about midlife. This has been top of mind because I just had a birthday and all month long we've been celebrating my husband who turned the big 5-0. So midlife. I just feel, my personal opinion is that this is such a sacred time in our lives, and it is a time to be nurtured and to be honored and to be given more attention and intention on how we lead the rest of our lives. Many times at this point, we've experienced life events that have transformed us. You maybe have even experienced some events that completely turned your world upside down. I understand that. It's the anniversary, five years ago, I lost my dad. And as many of you know, that was an event that absolutely triggered a cascade of shifts and changes in my life that were extremely difficult to walk through and at times so confusing. But oh man, there's been some beautiful gifts, beautiful gifts that I wouldn't take away, I wouldn't take away. And I'm sharing this with you because potentially you're in a similar situation where you're at a point in your life that you've gone through experiences that have transformed the way you see the world. And it shifts priorities, it changes values, but it can also bring in fear because many of us have experienced loss. We maybe have experienced health challenges or crisis in ourselves or others. And you start to become aware, like, okay, this, this rodeo, this game we call life, there's a lot that comes with it. And it's not always a bed of roses. It's not always butterflies and rainbows. And how do we navigate those challenges? How do we go through them and come out on the other side? Still being able to wrap around our arms around the joys of life. This is a population I love working with. So in my coaching, in giving my Iintuitive Medium Readings, I love being able to help those that are in this midlife area that maybe feel a little confused or feel a little jaded even by, you know, experiences or not really knowing, well, where do I turn and how do I get uncovered from the rubble, the rubble of multiple experiences that at times beat us up. There is a way through and it's just being able to be given support, being able to help with mind shifts and perspectives, giving a higher point of view. That's why I like to take my work up to, you know, rising up and looking at things from a bigger-picture perspective. Because often there's knowledge and data there that allows us to be more settled of, okay, I get it. Oh, I get it. I get why that happened. I see the benefit now in my life of going through that, although it was very painful, and there's, there's beauty in that too. So I just wanted to come here and say for all of you that are going through “The Midlife,” my Midlifers, it's not for the faint of heart and you have a friend and I understand. So you can reach out here for support, that's for sure. And I hope you have a great week, and if any of you share a birthday in January, happy birthday to you. We've been celebrating right alongside you. It's been a great big month. Love you all. Bye.

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