What Is An Intuitive Medium Reading? Lynn Morgan Carpenter

What Is An Intuitive Medium Reading?

Lynn explains what an intuitive medium reading is and what happens during a reading. She also explains the various ways an intuitive reading can support you. Tune in!

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Lynn explains what an intuitive medium reading is
  2. Different ways a reading can support you

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Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Learn what an intuitive medium reading is
  • The things a reading can support you with
  • The style and theme of Lynn’s readings

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “My readings have an overall theme of looking and creating forward positive movement in life.”

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. Through Lynn’s Intuitive Medium Readings, you’ll gain a greater sense of clarity, direction, and hope for your future. 

Put what you’ve learned from your Intuitive Medium Reading into action and thrive. Choose between her two life coaching programs Life Boost and Evolve. Through Lynn’s holistic approach and consistent support, you’ll gain confidence and courage while taking consistent action in creating the next version of you.

If you have any questions, please visit her on Instagram @lynnmorgancarpenter or email her by clicking here.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: What is it? So Intuitive Medium. I have the ability, so my experience is that with intention and with permission, just so you know, I wanna make that very clear. I just don't go around doing this. But it's with those who are wanting this experience. I'm able to read the energy that surrounds them. Read the energy of what they're navigating, particular questions or things in their lives that are taking place if they're wanting more clarity or greater insight, I'm able to navigate that and go into that energetically and support my client with that. And also, there are times when those that I am reading, that their loved ones and those in spirit do come through. They have supportive messages that is there to help the person as they're navigating their experience, as they are wanting to create forward movement in their life. And I'd say definitely my readings have an overall theme of very much looking and creating that forward positive movement in life. So if you're feeling stuck, feeling stagnant, it can definitely be helpful. If there's areas of your life you're wanting to heal, that's a component of this as well. Understanding yourself on a deeper level and really being able to tap into bravery and courage and like myself, allowing yourself to fully always rise up, shine, as being just you.

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