Why I Love Personal Development *image of Lynn*

Why I Love Personal Development

Personal development is a cornerstone of Lynn’s life. In today’s vlog, Lynn shares her transformative experience and the results she’s experienced from diving into this work. Hint: it’s not just limited to personal development.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. The beautiful benefits of personal development.
  2. How this work can shift your outlook on life.

Video Highlights

Here’s what to look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Specific benefits possible from putting in the work
  • The tool development brings to life when it’s hard
  • How all areas of development are intertwined

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Personal development is where the forward movement and your life experience begins to unfold how you want it to be.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:Personal development allowed me to expand how I saw myself and the levels of my possibility. The world became brighter and I was able to see my life in a more expanded and exciting way that I honestly desperately needed.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Identify your goals in personal, professional, and spiritual development. Describe the ways they overlap.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter is the founder of Live More Connected. Her mission is to help you live more connected to your inner-calling, and life as a whole. By using your innate superpowers, you not only make the world a better place to live in but also find peace, purpose, and fulfillment by grounding in your calling.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter:

This week we're speaking about personal development, and I really wanna encourage you that if personal development isn't already a part of your life, I'm gonna help you to begin the process to live more connected to personal development, because the benefits are endless.

And I wanna share with you my personal love of why I love personal development so much. And my relationship with it began at the age of 30. So some years ago, I had the opportunity to work for a company that was deeply rooted in personal development. And what I noticed is as I started to adapt and apply the concepts to my life, things very quickly began to change and shift. And how I saw myself began to expand and how I viewed the world began to become brighter. And then the levels of possibility began to expand. And I saw life in a new, expanded, thrilling, exciting way that honestly, I desperately needed.

And I could bet that you are at a place where you desperately need to look at life and to feel life in more of an exciting way, a thrilling, thriving way. And I'm gonna tell you that that happens by doing the bigger work, the inner work of really diving in and developing yourself personally. 

And the benefits are endless. There's many, many benefits, and I'm just gonna list a few here for you. The benefits of living more connected to personal development is, number one, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your strengths. And when you begin to really learn and know who you are and the strengths, the beautiful gifts that only you came here with, and learn how to leverage them in your life, there is an automatic increase of self-esteem, of confidence, and overall just joy, enjoyment, enjoyment of your life and how you can apply your unique life to this place we call life and the world and earth, where you can be in alignment with who you are and be able to express that with more ease.

And another benefit is that personal development allows you to navigate life challenges with more ease and resilience. And this is very, very important because here's the honest truth. Life is freaking hard at times. And life throws us curve balls where we, we do have to, we get knocked down, we gotta kick back up. And personal development allows for us to bounce back up and keep forward positive movement at a quicker rate where we don't get knocked down and we, we get left there. You know, we get stuck there. So personal development will allow you to create that resilience and to bounce back up and to get moving forward. 

Another great benefit is that it will increase your overall mindfulness and your well-being. And when you're able to do that, there's a natural empowerment that will come to your life. There's a natural empowerment because you're more in the driver's seat and you're able to identify is my life's vision, if what I want, how I really want to experience life, am I making choices and taking action daily to align with that? Are even my thoughts in alignment with it? Are my thoughts, choices, and actions in alignment with what I truly want and how I want to experience this life? And if, and that is the thing is personal development can help you with that. It can help you to where you are living in aligned life. And that is where the momentum takes place. That is where the forward movement and your life experience begins to unfold how you want it to be. So this week, I'm encouraging you to begin the process to live more connected to your personal development. And simply just answer this question. I'd love for you to leave it in the comment, but answer, what area of your life would you like to grow and develop and leave a comment. I'd love to know what that is because I am here to support you to do just that.

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