Why Moving Through Conflict is Good For Your Energy ~Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Why Moving Through Conflict is Good For Your Energy

Conflict is a part of life we can’t avoid. What we can control is how we act and react during conflict. Your energy is very entwined with conflict when it arises. 

Lynn shares what you can do to keep your energy positive when moving through difficult situations.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. Moving through conflict is important
  2. What conflict has to do with your energy

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • The various types of conflict
  • Ways you can move through it 
  • How your energy is related to conflict

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “Conflict is a detractor of energy. It pulls away from the main focuses in our lives.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:The only thing we have control over is ourselves. If you can resolve the conflict within yourself, you've done beautiful work.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Reflect on a recent conflict you experienced. Describe your initial reaction and emotions. Consider what part you played in contributing to the conflict. 

How did your actions, words, or mindset contribute to the situation? 

How could taking responsibility for your part have helped resolve the conflict more quickly? 

How did your energy shift throughout this process?

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: Conflict. I'm gonna speak about conflict and give you a tip of how you can get on the other side of it quickly. And the reason why I'm bringing this because I feel that wherever you can resolve conflict in a quick, beautiful way, do it. And the reason why is because when we are involved and wrapped up in conflict and all that comes with that, the thoughts, the emotions, the conversations, the sleepless nights, depending on the severity of the conflict, whatever that is, that is a detractor of energy. It pulls away from main focuses in our lives. And so my personal goal is that when there's a conflict that comes up, I want to get on the other side of it as quickly as possible. And truly, when we come into a place of conflict, the only piece that we can control is our piece of it, our side of it. So if you can navigate through that conflict and stay connected to your values, your principles, and your character, then you've done great work. You've done great work. Here's a tip of navigating the conflict that can pop up into your life. It is taking responsibility for your piece of it because conflict can't happen unless there's two sources that are coming together to create the conflict. So that tip of really taking responsibility. So it's opening your awareness and seeing what your piece is of contributing to it. So I'll give you an example. A couple weeks ago, my husband and I, we had conflict. He was planning to go and do a fun activity, and I was being a little miffy about it. And what I can say is that I had to really walk away and see what is my part in this. Number one, I was being stubborn and I was being stubborn in that moment. And I made the conscious choice to soften my stubbornness because what I knew is that it wasn't going to help or make anything better. In fact, it was gonna make the conflict be prolonged. And so I soften my stubbornness so that I could walk away from it. Number two is being mindful when we go into a blame or victimhood mode, you know, blame pointing the finger or I'm the victim. So for myself, it was definitely going to a victim like, well, I just sit here and take care of things and I'm working and you're going off and having fun times. Here's the truth. I have plenty of fun times in my life. There's nobody keeping me from having fun times. The other thing is, is that I love my work. So yes, I do put a lot of focus and energy into my work, but it's my passion and I love it. So I was going into victimhood there and I had to own that and really bring that to light to myself and say, okay, what, what's true here and what's not and the truth is, is that if you can just look at your responsibility of the conflict, it will allow you to navigate and get on the other end of it. Now, with me saying this, I'm gonna tell you I absolutely have respect that conflict is a spectrum and there's conflict that comes up in our day-to-day life struggles with our kids or what have you that can be, it's an easier conflict to get through, especially with having some of this mindfulness and awareness and tools and strategies to navigate it. There's also conflict that is connected to deep emotions 'cause I've been there too, and I absolutely understand that as well. 

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