Why You Get Triggered & What to Do About It Lynn Morgan Carpenter

Why You Get Triggered & What to Do About It

An emotional trigger is a reaction or response (external or internal) to a situation, or person. We all have them. Are your triggers something you recognize in the moment or after the fact? When you’re triggered, there is a reason. It’s to your advantage to dig in and explore it.

Listen in as Lynn explains why triggers can be an important self-awareness tool.

In this video you’ll hear:

  1. What you can do when you’re triggered
  2. The data and knowledge triggers can give you

Video Highlights

Here’s what you can look forward to in today’s episode:

  • Why you get triggered
  • The things you can learn from your triggers 
  • How to release triggers

Lynn Morgan Carpenter: “If your trigger wasn't in an area of your life that you are being called to grow in, it wouldn't bother you.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:You can prepare, grow, and elevate yourself to a place where the trigger no longer becomes something that holds you hostage emotionally.”

Lynn Morgan Carpenter:It's beautiful when we do the work to heal and our current triggers are no longer a trigger in the future. That is when you get to say, I'm doing my work and I'm growing.”

Self-Connecting Journal Prompt

Take a moment to recall any recent situations or interactions that triggered an emotional response within you. Describe the trigger and the emotions it evoked. 

How did you react, both internally and externally? Writing about these triggers can help you gain clarity on your emotional responses and identify patterns or recurring themes.

Visualize a future where this trigger no longer holds power over you. Imagine and journal how it would feel to navigate similar situations with ease, confidence, and emotional resilience.

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Lynn Morgan Carpenter: What triggers you? I wanna bring this to light because there is so much knowledge and data for us when we can recognize when we're being triggered and then go to the background of that trigger and really see what we're being asked to develop and grow in that particular area of our life. So a trigger is when we have an emotional response to something, a situation, a person, and we either have an outward reaction or we have an internal reaction where it's a little like a dig, like, Ugh, gosh, that makes me feel upset inside. Or I'm feeling irritated now inside, or I'm feeling sad. So that is a trigger. But what I want you to know, if it wasn't something that you are being called to grow in that area of your life, it wouldn't bother you. It wouldn't bother you. Have you ever had where you're with somebody and a situation plays out and it really bothers you? And then you ask the person, does that bother you? And they're like, ah, it's, it's okay. It's fine. No, not really. That is an example of how that person doesn't have the same feelings about what took place to where it's triggering them. This is an area that they're not being asked for development and discovery and healing. But if it is triggering you, that is what the invitation is. And I bring this to you because I think it's really important that we don't allow any trigger to go wasted. And know that when you are feeling that emotional charge inside, allow yourself to go underneath to the root of it and say, okay, why is this bothering me? Why did that situation bother me? And what am I being asked to look at, to examine, and to grow in my life where I can lessen the blow, I can soften the experience when and if it happens in the future, most likely it will. And I can prepare and grow and elevate myself to a place to where this no longer becomes a thing for me and no longer becomes a trigger and no longer becomes something that is holding me hostage emotionally. Know that your triggers have great knowledge and data for you. Take that back and start asking the questions to uncover, why is this bothering me and what am I being asked to do? Do I need to set a healthy boundary? Do I need to have an important conversation? Do I need to change the way I'm looking at this? Do I need to look at my self-worth and go into some development there? The list can go on and on of what all the possibilities are, but just become curious and start asking the questions, why am I triggered? What am I being asked to look at and examine in my life in this particular area? And I promise you this is one of the great tools of being able to develop yourself in a way to where life just starts to feel a little more easy, a little more breezy, and a little more tolerable. And it's beautiful work when we do the work to heal to where then our triggers can in the future, no longer be a trigger. And that is when you can say, I'm doing my work and I'm growing.

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